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Product: Feria Absolute Platinum

Stars: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What you liked about the product: Very effective, with virtually no visible damage. The instructions say that this product is not intended for bleached hair, but I used in on my hair after it was bleached to a buttery yellow and dyed pastel pink just 2 weeks ago (MP’s Cotton Candy diluted with conditioner, and before that it was pale lavender for a year, and most recently box-dyed light red). I didn’t get it light enough last time I bleached because I was being impatient, so I had some brassy tones mixed into the pink, but I wanted to avoid messing with powder bleach mixing and additional toning, so I tried this new Feria product spontaneously. I left it in for about 40 minutes. My hair is really soft right now, and near white. It was SO easy to apply. Smooth, never dry or cakey, and no bothering with measuring. My boyfriend used this on a section of his naturally dark dreadlocks, only leaving it on for 20 minutes, and the dyed area is a light (but surprisingly not too brassy) auburn.

What you didn’t like about the product: Nothing, really. I will be using this for touch ups and color switching from now on, and saving my heavy duty bleaching supplies only for re-growth.

Where you purchased the product: Walgreens.

How much you paid: $10.00

Your URL: www.sarahureshii.tumblr.com

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