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Supplies needed:
- brush
- 1” curling iron
- bobby pins
- hairspray
- bandanna

Step #1: Begin by combing all your hair back away from your face and grasp it all in your hand. You’ll adjust how far back you start your hair depending on its length. Where Mine touches my rump, I start it as low on my neck as possible. Begin twisting your hair around and around and point it straight upwards.

Step #2:  Pull the hair in the opposite direction of your twist upwards, creating a loose french twist. Let the hair loosen some before inserting bobby-pins in to secure. Tie the hair now hanging in your eyes up in a little knot for later.

Step #3: Fold your bandannain half and wrap around the back of your head. Bring both points together and tie loosly. Bring the back point under the loose knot and tuck the sides in and down. wrap the back point over the loose knot and tie the knot securely.

Step #4:  Using a 1” or smaller curling iron, curl all the hair hanging down into little corkscrews. Spray well with hairspray. stick your fingers up into the curls and touch your forehead. Pin as needed, but do not flatten! Try to keep as much life in the curls as possible:) Spray with hairspray again and your done!

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