Welcome to Lovely Dyed Locks! This blog features all sorts of styles, colors, and types of hair. This blog is here to help you find your next hair inspiration and to assist in finding the answers to your questions. I will also help direct you in finding what you're looking for. Though I am not a professional stylist, I have a decent amount of knowledge from experience and will do my best to answer what I can. Also, if you see a photo with an improper credit or you would like it removed, please send me a message and let me know! :)
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Gonna have cotton candy hair soon :’)
Don’t know which dye you want to purchase? I get a lot of questions for certain shades, so I figured I’d put them all into lists with photos of the colors on real hair, instead of just on plastic swatches! Here’s almost all of the yellow semi-permanent hair dyes available! Some are still pending, and this list will continue to grow! If you’d like to see a certain set large, just click on it! If the numbers below are not showing up, just hit reblog.
Beyond the Zone Color Jamz Yellin Yello / Credit to Eminy.
Manic Panic Electric Banana / Credit to racheljoyagatha.
Special Effects Bright as F@#! Yellow / Credit to Jeff.
Punky Colour Bright Yellow / Credit to 
La Riche Directions Bright Daffodil / Credit to ceedling.
La Riche Directions Fluorescent Glow / Credit to ragrunzel.
Pravana Yellow / Credit to salongalaxy.
Crazy Color Canary Yellow / Credit to 
Stargazer Yellow / Credit to